Creating magnetic brandS, Logos + websites

Supporting small businesses + woman enetrepreneurs worldwide.

Creating magnetic brandS, Logos and websites

Supporting small businesses + woman enetrepreneurs worldwide.

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Welcome, lovely!

My name’s Vasti

(But you can call me V.)

For nearly a decade, I’ve helped small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs (especially women) wow their audience and reach the next level of income and impact in their business.

I meet online business women and small businesses where they are and help them scale, grow and elevate their business to help them reach unparalleled levels of success—oftentimes hitting goals higher and further than what they previously imagined.

I truly believe that a beautiful, strategic brand and website is one of the most powerful tools to skyrocket your success and connect you with your dream clients.

I also believe that achieving this shouldn’t come with any grey hairs, tears or frustration. The process to a premium brand and website should be stress-free – and that’s where I come in!

Get ready to create the brand + website of your dreams, welcome ideal clients and all new levels of success!

Work with me

Branding +
logo design

From your logo to your color palette and everything in-between, I create a strategic brand and logo design that will set you apart as the industry leader you are.

Your branding is the first thing that people see when they come into contact with your business. So, it just makes sense to invest in professional branding that resonates with your ideal client. (After all, you know what they say about first impressions.)

website design

Show up online with a professionally designed website that clearly communicates what you’re all about, is easy to navigate, draws your ideal client in before you’ve said a word, and is beautiful to boot.

My premium WordPress websites are focused on brand continuity  and always designed with lead generation in mind. Translation: your website is developed to build a foundation of trust and credibility with your audience, while telling them exactly what they need to do – which is work with you of course!

No more outdated web pages that make you cringe, or don’t reflect your energy. I’ll translate your high-vibe brand into a website that magnetises exceptional clients and sets you up to create worldwide impact.

Need to elevate your branding first? I got you.

recent launches

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“When you work with Vasti, magic happens.”

“Vasti is one of those people, when you work with her magic happens. She has an incredibly intuitive design ability which lets her tap into and create your brand. She really understands how to translate your vision in a beautifully cohesive way.

Vasti is my go-to brand queen whenever I need support, I know without a doubt I can trust her to deliver and she always exceeds my expectations. If you’re looking for a truly aligned brand or website to elevate your brand presence, Vasti is your girl, do it!”


“Vasti captured the energy of my soul in my branding and website”

“Vasti absolutely exceeded my expectations of both my branding and the creation of my website. She captured the energy of my soul within what she created which takes a true expert.

I also very much appreciated the quick communication and turnaround time. I couldn’t be happier and will be using her again for projects and sales pages in the future and HIGHLY recommend working with her!”


“Working with Vasti has given me greater confidence.”

“As someone unsure of what I wanted my website to look like and not entirely sure I would find anyone who would ‘get’ me – Vasti did and still does.

Her approach has always been kind and gentle and that is what I needed to ensure I could trust her with my ’next step’.  She is clear in her communication and amazingly prompt with her delivery.   

Working on my website and branding with Vasti has given me greater confidence to market myself as my true and authentic self.”


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